How to Avoid Online Casino Bonus Scams

There’s nothing better for a bettor than to gamble with house money and winning free cash.

Initially, many online casino bonus offers appear to be genuine opportunities to play with house money and have a good chance of growing your bankroll.

Yet, upon closer inspection, many casino bonus offers are set up so that it’s nearly impossible to win real money that eventually winds up in your bank account. That’s because a lot of casino bonus offers come with special terms that require you to bet the same amount many times over again and again.

The more you wager, the more likely the house advantage will erode any winnings you might initially obtain from your casino bonus. Ultimately, you wind up with no money at all.

The idea of the casino bonus scam is to lure new bettors and get them used playing at a particular casino and, eventually, deposit money into a gambling account. So that you can find out how to avoid casino bonus scams, here are a some tips to keep in mind.

Legal online gambling is growing at a fast and consistent pace of about 11 percent annually, and this year should top some $500 billion in bets around the globe. To get new bettors, online casinos are offering what mostly amount to one of three types of bonus offers.

Those bonus offers are free plays, a no-deposit bonus, or a deposit multiplier. The first two do not require you to deposit cash, and give you what appears to be a chance to win free money. The deposit multiplier simply takes any cash you deposit and at least doubles it with house gambling credits.

While the offers seem genuine, many online casinos will make you wager an amount of money many times over before you can withdraw a cent. That makes it important to read the fine print and details of any casino bonus offer.

If you have to wager more than a couple times to collect any cash, then the bonus offer likely is a scam that teases you into thinking you are getting free plays. Instead, you wind up frustrated and eventually deposit your own money to continue gambling.

You also need to look for casino bonus offers that let you withdraw at least some of your initial winnings from bonus plays right away.

It’s okay for a casino to place reasonable restrictions on how to use free bonus plays. But those restrictions must come with realistic terms that let you cash out when you win playing online casino games.


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