7 Awesome Ways To Cure Boredom When You’re Stuck Indoors This Summer

Each and every of us finds ourselves in situations when we’re simply bored. It might be when we have to use public transport and avoid making awkward eye contact with other passengers. It might be when we get one of those rare breaks at work only to find we simply have nothing to do. And then there are the times it’s pouring with rain outside, despite the fact it’s supposed to be summer.

Luckily, this is the digital age, and we never need to spend another five minutes bored when we can simply play a game on our phones. For those that don’t want to keep their eyes glued to a screen for too long, there are other ways to fight boredom, too. This article will give you seven great ways to cure boredom either when you’re stuck inside or have an hour or two to kill.

  • Get Into a Game of Bingo

This centuries-old game is enjoyed by millions of people worldwide, and it would seem as if its popularity is still on the rise. That’s probably largely thanks to great sites such as Sun Bingo taking it online, and it’s easy to see why it’s such a hit when there’s both cash and friends to be made.


  • Embrace Science

Boredom doesn’t only strike when we’ve nothing to do. In fact, boredom hits us with its full force when we need to do household chores. Science can cure you when it comes to boredom, such as turning off faint noises from TVs to better engage in a lecture or using an app like Gamify to earn points as you do the things you need to do (but don’t want to do).

  • Read Something Interesting

By this, we don’t mean politics or something that’s going to change your life, we mean read something that will genuinely entertain you. Try Bored Panda for some interesting articles.


  • Watch A Movie

People tend to put time aside to watch films, but there are probably dozens of times you’ve found yourself with two hours to spare. Don’t waste that time, stick a film on you’ve always wanted to watch.

  • Have a Bubble Bath

The world ‘bubble’ is the most important word in this section’s heading because bubbles add fun, relaxation and luxury to an already great pastime.

  • Go for a Walk

We know the importance of exercise, we just don’t have the energy. Walking is actually a better exercise than you think, so go explore your area.

  • Learn a New Recipe

We all love food, but we usually simply order in or head to a restaurant when we fancy our favourite dish. Instead of doing that, go online and download a recipe for a meal you love.

Boredom doesn’t have to define our free time, it’s something we need to fight. Instead of simply slogging down on the sofa wondering what on earth you can do to fill your time, think outside the box or consider doing one of the activities listed above.

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